Razer Kiyo - Full HD 1080P Streaming Camera - Pro Webcam Optimize

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About Razer :

For Gamers. By Gamers. It\\'s not just a tagline. It\\'s a mission. It\\'s exactly what drives Razer to create products which constantly tilt the competition in your favor. From behind the drawing board all the way to the tournament stage, each step is controlled by the undeniable desire for all gamers - to always win.

Razer Kiyo

The Razer Kiyo is not just another desktop camera. It is the product of endless thought put into building the perfect broadcast studio. And by assessing the needs of gamers worldwide, we?ve crafted a device that streams at incredible quality while ensuring you?re always perfectly lit. It?s powerful, yet concise. And a must for anyone looking to get started on the world?s biggest stage.

  • Multi-step ring light
  • High FPS HD Video (720p 60fps/1080p 30fps)
  • Compatible with Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit
  • Fast and accurate autofocus
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with camera and stand hinge to suit any setup

Multi-Step Ring Light

Forget setting up several lights just to get decent on-camera illumination. The Razer Kiyo maintains even and flattering lighting on you, and eliminates harsh shadows. Plus, with adjustable brightness levels, getting the right amount is a breeze.

Sharper and Smoother

With 720p resolution at 60 fps, the Razer Kiyo maintains visual fidelity when you stream. This means that viewers can be completely immersed the way you are, with footage just the way you see it in-game. Also streams in 1080 resolution at 30fps for Full HD.

Compatible with Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit

The Razer Kiyo supports streaming on popular platforms like Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit, so you can continue using your preferred streaming platform of choice to reach your audiences.


Fast & Accurate Autofocus

Thanks to fast and accurate autofocus, you don?t have to be conscious of keeping steady in front of the camera all the time. You?ll always look sharp and focused, so just can focus on putting on your best performance ever.

Compact & Portable

Thanks to its compact and portable size, the Razer Kiyo is easy to pack in your backpack and take along when travelling or heading to a gaming convention.

Camera & Stand Hinge

With an accompanying camera and stand hinge, you can position the Razer Kiyo on any monitor and tripod. It?s also foldable for unobtrusive storage when not in use.

Teknik Özellikler
Maksimum Çözünürlük1080p/30 fps - 720p/60 fps
Uyumlu olduğu işletim sistemleriWindows® 10 veya üzeri, Windows 8, Windows 7
Diğer Özellikler
Stok KoduRZ19-02320100-R3M1
Garanti (Yıl)2
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